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The effectiveness of medication depends on the method of administration
Treatments can often be improved by finding optimal drug formulations or delivery systems.

Broda Receives US Patent for Thermal-Reversible Hydrogel Drug Delivery System
Advanced Supramolecular Drug Delivery Technology Platform for Water Insoluble or Sparely Soluble Drugs

Plainsboro, New Jersey, October 21, 2014 – Broda Technologies Co., Ltd. today announced it has been granted Patent No. 8,865,143 from United State Patent and Trademark Office for a patent titled “Reversely Thermal-Reversible Hydrogel Compositions”.

The patent covers the Company’s key IntelliGel® supramolecular drug delivery technology platform, compositions for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care applications, and methods of making such compositions.

“The successful commercialization of Broda Acne System OTC products and a US investigator-lead clinical study of an anti-fungal drug demonstrated that the Company’s IntelliGel® supramolecular drug delivery technology platform has wide potential applications with enhanced efficacy, patient compliance, and safety compared with existing pharmaceutical products.” stated Broda President Dr. Shao Xiang Lu.

About Broda Technologies
Broda Technologies Co., Ltd. is a start-up company focus on supramolecular drug delivery system. The Company’s proprietary IntelliGel® supramolecular drug delivery system is capable of dissolving water insoluble or sparely soluble drugs in a clear and transparent smart hydrogel with enhanced efficacy, safety and patient’s compliance. The Company is operated in both US and China. For more information, please visit

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