About Us
The effectiveness of medication depends on the method of administration
Treatments can often be improved by finding optimal drug formulations or delivery systems.

Who we are?

We are small innovative pharmaceutical and consumer care technology company with focus on research, development,and market smart supramolecular drug delivery system, and related innovative products.

The company was founded by leading industry experts with strong background in Polymer Science and many years of new technology and products development, and international management experience.

In the past few years, the company had successfully developed a breakthrough proprietary supramolecular smart drug delivery technology plateform. The supramolecular delivery system has ability to solubilize water insoluble or sparely soluble drugs or other active ingredients without employment of solvents. The delivery system has a low solid content, excellent bioavailability and safety profiles.

To demonstrate the advantages of supramolecular smart drug delivery system, company has developed several key new drug products, either internally or collaborate with external partners, with enhanced efficacy and safety, as well as patient convenience and compliance, and is in the process to apply for FDA new drug applications.

The supramolecular smart drug delivery technology plateform will potentially impact the landscape of drug delivery formulations. It has potential applications in a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs and comsumer care related products. If you or your company are interested in explore possible opportunities for collaboration, you are welcome to discuss with us at any time.

Meanwhile, we are actively seeking for any potential investment opportunities to speed up the technology acceptance in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industrials.